Train Evacuation

Train Evacuation
Joanne Collins
by Joanne Collins from Stevenage GBR on 27 Feb 2012

We were travelling on the 12.06am train from Kings Cross to Stevenage on Saturday/Sunday 25/26th Feb 12. Between Knebworth and Stevenage the train suddenly stopped and the announcement said "Please do not be alarmed but we have been informed there is a trespasser on the roof of Stevenage Train Station. Therefore we have to stop and turn all power off". We all then sat in total darkness not knowing how long we would be there. A couple of drunk men managed to get the doors open and they escaped onto the track and went home! The rest of us sat there until around 3am when we were rescued by Police and train personnel. We had to climb down a ladder off the train and onto the tracks. Police and train personnel ensured we walked in single file (between the tracks) along the gravel for a few minutes until we reached a set of very steep steps we could climb down. Eventually we reached the road where coaches were waiting to take us to the intended train stops. When we arrived at Stevenage Train Station, all emergency services were present, although we did not catch a glimpse of the man on the roof! All in all an eventful and long evening!

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John Essiam
John Essiam posted 2012-03-22 7:44pm

You'd think this kind of stuff only happens in movies. At least everybody got home safely.


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